Graduating from West Wales School of the Arts in 2010, Jade is an Irish artist currently based in Dublin. Jade works primarily in the medium of oil painting. Her work draws inspiration from Still Life painting throughout art history, particularly the Dutch and Flemish schools. Her work is a contemporary take on the traditional still life and its associated themes. Jade has exhibited in annual exhibitions of the Royal Hibernian Academy, the Royal Ulster Academy and the Royal Scottish Academy. Her work is held in private collections in Ireland, UK and America and in the several public collections including the Office of Public Works.

Artist Statement

I combine natural subjects with deteriorating man-made items to create a contemporary interpretation of a traditional still life. I use the relationships between the objects to explore ideas about the organic cycle of nature and life, death, materialism and status. I am trying to establish a modern form of still life by arranging elements in a more unexpected manner and by challenging the elasticity of composition.

My current body of work has evolved from looking at the patterns in life and nature and drawing a parallel between the two. Nature is built around cycles and patterns and is a constantly regenerative thing that we tend to look at as a whole entity rather than a single flower. We are inclined to view ourselves in a far more individualistic way. But we are part of nature and so it follows that these cycles of decline and regeneration are reflected in our lives.

The seasons change and there are many seasons in life, fallow periods, periods of recovery, periods of growth. We will all share many of the same experiences, joyful times, difficult times, loss of loved ones, relationship breakdowns, illness, recovery. Everything is cyclical and I see these patterns repeat themselves constantly, in the lives of the people around me and in my own. My pieces are monuments to all these varying stages of life.